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orcinus high-performance temperature control systems monitor and control the optimum flow rates and temperatures in injection molding and die casting processes. Fast and reliable.

compact flow

Discover the outstanding compactness of the smartshark. With smartshark you can reduce your cycle times while at the same time increasing process reliability.

follow the flow

Our high-performance temperature control units are the “powerful engine” of our system. Experience the highest quality for industrial applications up to 180°C.
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cycle time reduction

quality improvement

process optimization

orcinus temperature control
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No filters, no contamination, no maintenance. Once installed, orcinus monitors the flow and temperature of water or oil reliably and for a long time.


A double ultrasonic sensor enables non-contact and precise measurement of the flow rates of your temperature control media.

simple & intuitive

The system can be easily integrated into many industrial systems thanks to its many interfaces. Tool data record storage and touch display make it child’s play to use.

tool temperature control
next level

For flow temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius

We have developed orcinus 180 for flow media with temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius. This system uses particularly powerful sensors. The manifold block consists of highly temperature- and pressure-resistant components.


Thanks to its high heating capacity of up to 60 kW, the 90XL temperature control unit is ideal for applications up to 90 degrees Celsius.


The temperature control unit for applications up to 100 degrees Celsius impresses with its very high cooling capacity and the high flow rate of the pump.


The pressurized water temperature control unit for applications in plastic injection moulding and industrial applications up to 180 °C.

we also offer …


The smart beluga system uses multi-stage electronic differential pressure monitoring to detect dirty filters at an early stage.

multi beluga

With multi-beluga, several flows can be monitored separately. For optimum monitoring of even complex filter systems and reliable flow to all consumers.

we are represented worldwide

Numerous industrial companies around the world are already benefiting from the advantages of our temperature control systems in the processing of plastic products.

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In addition to plastics processing, our products are also used in metal processing. Here, processes can be optimized to save valuable cycle time and energy while at the same time achieving quality improvements.

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