mutli beluga

sustainable filter technology

Contaminated filters are one of the most common sources of process problems in many companies. Our multi beluga system eliminates these sustainably and reliably at a very good price-performance ratio.

With multi-beluga, several flows can be monitored separately. For optimum monitoring of even complex filter systems and reliable flow to all consumers.

The multi beluga system is a smart filter monitoring system for industrial plants. It is based on the principle of multi-stage electronic differential pressure monitoring and can also be easily integrated into operating data acquisition systems using IO-Link or EDGE/SIM.

multi beluga reports 3 states




everything is fine –
Filter inserts are clean

beginning contamination of the
filter cartridges –
pressure difference rises above 1st alarm point

filter inserts soiled –
pressure difference rises above 2. alarm point

beluga monitoring allows the user to intervene at an early stage without causing problems the
process and without constant visual inspection of the filters by the maintenance department.

your benefits

  • up to 20 filters can be monitored with one control unit
  • ensuring the flow rate
  • reduction of maintenance costs
  • saving energy by avoiding pressure losses
  • protection of consumers through safe and always well-filtered water
  • preventive maintenance
  • fewer rejects by avoiding cooling problems
  • advance warning when the filter is about to become dirty
  • alarm in the event of significant filter contamination

Technische Daten

  • mulit beluga can be installed on any (also existing)
    full-flow filter
  • alternatively, we offer filters in all sizes
    and many filter finenesses as a multi beluga system
  • pre-warning and alarm in the event of
    filter contamination
  • alarm output to an LED light and for
    system/machine/central monitoring
  • digital display of the ACTUAL and
    TARGET difference (alarm limit)
  • integration of the values and alarms
    in higher systems via IO-Link
  • optional possibility of remote value
    transmission transmission through
    SIM/EDGE technology
  • optional accessories, e.g. IO-Link Traffic
    light with signal horn

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